Our company

We are a leading company with more than 5 years of experience in the market, which manufactures and sells high quality efficient windows, with the best prices and offering an unbeatable service to our customers.

We are committed to the excellence of our services, processes and products, as a first class company, socially responsible and with a high level of development.

Our doors and windows are at the technological cutting edge of functionality and efficiency. Our products are thought and designed to be highly insulating and hermetic, at the same time offering efficient ventilation and aesthetic value to the architecture.

Our mission

Our mission is the improvement of the health, well-being and quality of life of families through the application of innovative technology and quality manufacturing in windows and doors.


Fabricación y maquila

Engineering and design

We offer products designed and manufactured under strict quality controls to exceed the expectations of our customers.

Administración de obra segura

Safe construction management

All of our employees are trained to follow a series of strict security guidelines that minimize the probability of an unwanted incident.

instalación y capacitación

Facilities and training

Our employees are rigorously trained to handle installation, repairment and give maintenance to all Windotec products.



Our products adhere to a standardization system that gives them a modular quality at the time of installation, repair and maintenance.

Catálogo de productos

Product catalogue

We have a wide catalogue of products that are easily adapted to your project, adding functionality and aesthetic value.

Ingeniería y diseño

Engineering and design

Our products are designed to be highly insulating and airtight, offering efficient ventilation and aesthetic value to architecture.

Anywhere you are


Our primary market. We offer our full range of our architectural and residential products and services.


We have independent distributors based in Texas with our wide range of residential and specialty products.


We offer our full range of architectural products and professional services through business partners for large-scale projects.